Wednesday, November 10, 2004

page three

look at all the options thought bunny as he look at his fine food, steamed carrots,rosted cabbage,fresh lettus and carrot cake. Santa looks at his food cookies,cake,ice cream,milk and of course a burger. Still mad at Mr.patrick he thinks that he can replace him with roulduf because if he give him any shit santa will just cook him.
Ms.fairy looks at he food ,daisys, lilys, and rose petels. Mmm mmm she thought I will eat good tonight. Mr. vanintine speaks “ cant we ever go out to eat like at vito’s thay grat pasta there” as he looks at his so called food that is half cooked because the little dam elfs that cook here do not know how to cook real food. Mr.clause reminds valentine that if they go out that somebody may ask favors or want a wish or even want there dam fuckin lover back get it. Mr valentine nods and east all the time with a gleem in him eye.
“so santa how many kids do I have to give back , because now they belive thay we are real and that we do take thouse who do not belive.” Santa looks at bunny and says
“I feel that one million should be put back yes one million” bunny hops out of his chair like a rabbit in heat and changes into a eveil sadistic lookin rabbit and grabs sants and yells “ LOOK YOU FAT FUCK ONE MILLION IS TOO MUCH MR HOLIDAY IS THE BIGIEST” santa calmly looks at bunny and tell him “ if you do not get out of my face I will put a cap in you ass” bunny settles down as because he rembers when he killed
uncle sam on his dam birthday the 4 th of a july……….so bunny sat down and said ok to the one million kids. Sants now tell bunny for in doing the release of the kids santa gives bunny a share in Russia and some in Europe.
If the division of rug rats is acceptable to all says Mr. Valentine i suggest Mr. Bunny record the figure and we adjairn. TIme to see your sister Ms. Fairy saus Mr. Valentine while bowing and extending his land. No0t so fast she says. Reaching in her crowl Royal pouch she extracts a small diamond then places it in a small steel Vial. She tosses the vial to Mr. Bunny . Be a dear and prep this will you . Mr. bunny puts it in a foot pouch and Mrs. Fairy scratches under his chin. r Bunnys foot shoots up and down ubntill it is a blur pounding the ground. He then retrieves and dumps the contents of the Vail, making a sall moun of dust. Whipping out a staright Razor Bunny cuts a small line for himself. What about us says Mr. Patrick. You want to play you gota pay snarls Mr. Bunny pointing his Razor at Mr. Patrick, Piss off cries Ms. fairy thats all i have.

page two

FROST yells Clause. Jack Frost you useless bastich (Cory: i would perfer Bitch. lol) get in here, NOW! You really shouldn't yell at Jack like that you know, says Mr patrick straightening his tie.
Head turning slowly Mr Clause fouced on Mr. Patrick. Never tell me how to run my Crew. Raw power is human form is the only way to describe teh being dressed in red and white. Gripping the 2" thick oak table he Flexes slightly, tearingout two handfulls of what appears to be sawdust, he flicks hiw wrists tossing it at Mr. Patrick. With complete composure Mr. Patrick blinks. Opening and closing his emrald green eyes. Before it is completely open teh wood turns into 4 leaf clovers Falling upon his flowing locks of fiery red hair. Laughing he reches for his Shatelle Enought! snaps Bart. We need each other, the Union needs us. He reaches in his vest pocket and pulls out a pipe. Loading the brightly colored egg shapped bowl he hops it Mr. Fairy not wanting to aproach teh other two. He is right, purrs Mrs Fairy, and look Jack is Finally here with our Beberages. Adjusting his platinum cufflinks Mr. Valintine musses on stragetic corperate take over options. Beings ate becoming unstable. I need to

Sunday, November 07, 2004


THE UNIONBlam..blam..blam the gaval hits the table. “Mr. bunny please do roll call” “Do I have to, I did it last time.”With a sour look on his face Mr.bunny begins. “Mr.claus”“HERE!” “look I am going to go down the list fast and loud so you are not here so be it” “Mr.valintine, Mr. patricand last but not least Ms.fairy and of course me Easter bart bunny. “thank you bunny for the roll call” said Mr clause.Bunny takes his seat and the meeting is now beginning. The first one to say his peace is Mr.bunny “ ok look, I know my hoiday is not as big as lets say Mr.claus or not as big with adults like Mr.valintine but I need my cut also my egg sales are very low this year.” As his nose twitches from side to side when he is mad. “I also must agree with the bunny my sales are in the neg. there are not enough kids anymore.” Say Ms.fairy. as the rest of the union looks aroud to see if any one else wanted to make waves. A long unnerving time passes and SLAM a large fist comes down on the table “ok bunny I will kick in some of my take but you need give back some of the kids that did not belive in you any more. Agreed?” Mr.bunny looks satisfied with the out come of the convocation. A giant light come forth from Ms.fairy hands and strikes the table with a loud thunderus slap and splinters go every where. “what of me, I would like to get some side action also.” Says Ms.fairy looking as fine as diamonds. Mr. valentine looks up at her and stand and says “ I will give you some of my cut, if you promise to hook me up with your sister.” Knowing that her sister is gay she agrees to Mr.valintine ……. Don't forget Mr. Valintine! I perfer my "cut" in gems if you don't mind she replied, Coldly.